For several years we’ve been hearing about the Vintage style, initially restricted to home furnishings, cars, pictures, etc. and, more recently, garments or clothing and accessories. But what is really the Vintage Fashion? How do we differentiate a Vintage garment from one that is simply old? How can I do to combine Vintage clothing and accessories without looking like something out of a horror film of the 50s? How to recognize a legitimate Vintage clothing?

First things first. According to the always helpful Wikipedia"Vintage is a generic term for new or second hand garments originating from a previous era, the term is used to refer to objects with certain age and quality, which however can’t yet be classified as antiques." Today Vintage corresponds to a style (as the Classic, Romantic, Preppy, British, hippie, rocker, hipster, etc.), a fashion.

As a fashion, Vintage style has undergone many changes since it is not just about real antique clothes, but also new clothes that copied the style but with no history and or feelings that a truly Vintage item conveys. Don’t forget that they are objects that are chosen because they arouse an emotion. The Vintage holds some nostalgia for another time, the desire to have something unique, to distinguish, to differentiate ourselves from the rest.

For a garment or accessory can be considered as truly Vintage, must meet certain characteristics: Quality: It must be in good condition and manufactured with the best materials. Exclusivity: Usually products that were manufactured in small quantities and great designers. History: We should take into account the years that the item has (minimum 20 years old) and its past, i.e. the people or history is linked with the object. Everything else is just old or imitation.

To match Vintage clothing is necessary to take into account that you should never wear more than 2 Vintage garments at once, as this would completely destroy the Total Look and you’ll end up looking like a Christmas tree.

If you are initiating in the world of Vintage clothing, my recommendation is to look for physical store (not online) in which you can browse through the clothes, feel the material, try it on and determine what you feel. Always inspect the label, since the original garments usually have them yellowed over time. Ask everything that you want and take your time to inspect the garment from upside down and see if they have any irreparable harm, after all, it is an investment.

Finally, educate yourself on certain brands and eras, define your style and go get your new fetish garment. Remember, knowledge does not occupy space.


Massiel Féliz Rivas
Personal Shopper and Fashion Blogger

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