So many of the people I know feel that they’re accessory challenged; they don’t know what to choose, or how to wear them, or put a selection together. You have a dresser full of great jewelry but you’re still bored of your accessories… I know that feeling. But keep in mind that making your own style is all about pushing the boundaries of fashion and knowing what looks good on you. In this issue I propose my idea of what you should or shouldn’t do while picking the accessories to complement your Total Look.

Fashionable accessories can add many different ingredients to your outfit, and with all the different shapes, textures, colors and styles available, accessories can help you to create a fresh, modern, classy or glamorous look. Here some basic steps to pick your accessories:

  1. Choose your outfit that you want to accessorize, this includes the shoes and the bag.
  2. Make sure your accessories bring the focus to what you want to be seen (face, neck, waist, hands, etc.).
  3. Make sure the colors match your outfit and that the accessories go with each other.
  4. Pick accessories that suit your style and mood. Don’t put on a hippy necklace if you pretend to look classy.
Accessories give us many alternatives and with the right ones you can transform a day look into an evening look in seconds. Here’s a list of the main accessories (after shoes, bag and sunglasses) that can completely transform your Total Look from classy to trashy if you don’t match them well.

  • Pendants and Necklaces: Keep the chains delicate in white, pink or yellow gold; this normally gives you a very classy/elegant look (forget about those big golden chains as an MTV rapper). If you like huge pendants as well, remember that they should be worn single and always with a very long chain. An oversized pendant swaying in a long chain is always sassy and classy at the same time. But the same pendant in a shorter chain is a total Fashion Crime. You can also wear an assortment of necklaces of different lengths to give your look a trendy touch, but never mix them if they are too big.
  • Bracelets: They don’t need to match perfectly your outfit, you can mix colors, shapes, textures and sizes. But please, don’t put them on your ankles!  
  • Rings: Never, ever get your hands full of rings by wearing one on each finger! You can try wearing a huge one or two (one on each hand), but in this last case remind to keep it simple with the bracelets.
  • Earrings: I’m not a huge fan of massive earrings, but if you like them, keep in mind that the neck should be clear then. Overloading is never a good idea.
  • The Brooch and the Watch: You can try wearing your brooch on blazer, hat, belt, scarf or even as a collar. Wear a nice bracelet or a set of different small ones with your watch to get a fun look.
Once you experiment with various accessories and find the ones that suit you best, the possibilities to keep each outfit stylish are endless. But remember, don’t disguise yourself putting on everything you find, don’t wear more than one XL accessory and finally be wise when picking them because jewelry brings out your personal taste and characteristics.   

Massiel Féliz Rivas
Personal Shopper and Fashion Blogger

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