You’re a manyou like having a neatsophisticated and elegant lookbut you have the feeling that fashion is restricted only to women, and men on the other hand, do not have as many options... Good NewsFashion for men has evolved considerably in recent decades and the wide variety of alternatives available today, you can achieve a very original, daring yet elegant outfitis much easier than you think.

Inside a man’s wardrobe there’re certain basics or must have that should not miss to easily combine different outfitsThe classic white shirt, some blue jeans with straight cutcolored pants, polos, oxford shirtblazerschinos trousersgray tieblack suit with modern styleknitted sweaterscardigansleather jacket and black and brown formal shoesBesides quintessential male accessories like watches and belts, which must be consistent with each other and with the footwear.

The important thing when it comes to clothing and achieving that distinctive look, is to choose which one is suitable for every occasion and how to complement your total look. You can be a businessman who wears suit and tie all day long, but even that needs some basic fashion knowledge. There are several accessories that can help to improve your appearance in matter seconds. Here some examples according to each occasion:
  • Modern Executive: Add to your look some fresh and fun accessories to distinguish yourself from the rest. For example, Paul Smith cufflinks come in a variety of colors and designs, and break a bit with how boring it can be a work suit. A nicely folded handkerchief matching the tie will surely make you stand out. Be careful when combining colors and textures of suits, shirts and ties, if you do it wrong it could end ruining your entire Outfit. Armani, Alexander McQueen, Hugo Boss and Zara Man ​​have an excellent patterns and suits for all budgets.
  • Casual Chic: Dare to play with colors, there is no reason why a man can’t wear a pair of red, lemon green or pink pants; as the new Spring / Summer 2013 collections by Tod's, Tommy Hilfiger, Marks & Spencer or Balmain. Include socks with cool colors and bold designs and forget for a moment about the classic black and brown, and please, unless you plan doing sports, never wear white socks.
  • Winter Classic: Try to choose well your coats and invest as much as you can afford on them, because if you choose well, you can wear them for years for its timelessness. In black, camel or gray toy can’t go wrong. Add accessories like hats, scarves or gloves, but without exaggerating. Barbour, Abercrombie, Burberry, Ralph Lauren and Desquared have excellent alternatives to every kind of style.
When choosing outfits, many men repeat certain mistakes that should be avoided: 1) Oversized Suits or just oversized anything for that matter. 2) Bad Trouser Breaks, either too short or too long. 3) Square Toe Shoes, really, that’s so out of style! 4) Untucked Office Shirts, just take your usual office dress shirt, leave it untucked and combine it with a pair of jeans. No, just no. All this communicates to people is that you either don’t know how to dress yourself or you just don’t care about how you dress. 5) Trim Your Wallet Fat, in the same way that bad shoes can kill a great outfit, so can an awful wallet.

Finally, some tips to improve your look instantly. Invest in good shoes, it never fails and can transform your outfit completely. Avoid sportswear unless you’re actually planning to do some exercise. Adopt new trends and get away from the monotony of neutral colors, there is always a balance between “what’s in” and your own style. Always keep a clean and well-kept haircut. Beard trimming, wet shaving and a neat haircut just goes to show you’ve made that little extra effort, and they are the finishing touches that propel a well-groomed gent into something of a style icon, which is irresistibly attractive and sexy for women. Remember, there is no second chance for a first impression.

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