While it’s true that elegance is an innate quality, we can also say that it is something that we acquire as we evolve and improve our behavior and life philosophy. The elegance goes far beyond flaunt expensive suits, priceless jewels or attending exclusive events. Elegance is more set of skills, behaviors and way of life, than a simple social protocol.

According to the French writer Honoré de Balzac, "Elegance is the science of doing nothing like others, seeming to do everything the same way they do." Therefore, an elegant person is not necessarily the one who dresses under certain classical standards established by the society, but one that endorses fashion without being strident or scandalous. Someone who manages to balance the "poise" and "being fashionable".

Elegance is a reflection of our inner that is based on our level of education and culture. It is the ability to choose the aesthetic by ourselves in any area of our life: home decor, dressing, our behavior with others. You can’t appreciate the beautiful or exquisite at first sight unless you have a well-educated taste and all your senses attentive and receptive.

There are four basics in elegance. Aesthetics: The taste and style that define us with the aim to attract, seduce and provoke subtly. Naturalness: Is that authentic and spontaneous thing which allows us to differentiate ourselves even if wearing the latest fashion trends. Distinction: It’s what makes us stand out, without being raucous and gives us the unique and personal touch. And finally Beauty: Symbol of perfection, cleanliness and integrity in the way we dress and behave.

When in doubt whether something is elegant or not, always remember that Less is More, and not because you the most expensive clothes it means you’re elegant. Sometimes something as basic as a pair of faded jeans and a white shirt, combined with beautiful shoes, a good handbag and subtle and delicate accessories, can become much smarter than being dressed from head to toe in super expensive and extravagant clothes.

Therefor we can say that elegance is an entire series of internal factors that work in harmony to show the best of ourselves to the outside.

"The dumb covers, the rich adorns, the fatuous disguise, the elegant dresses," said Honoré de Balzac.

Massiel Féliz Rivas
Personal Shopper and Fashion Blogger

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