Hello from New York!

I couldn’t be more excited to spend the first days of Spring in this wonderful city. The sun is shinning, temperatures are rising and the days are getting longer. I’m dreaming of long walks around the city, floral dresses and picnics in Central Park.

I know I probably say the same thing every single year, but this Winter in the UK has felt specially long (and cold), and it feels really good to be finally able to take some layers off and have clear blue skies to look at. All I can think of right now is floaty dresses and floral prints.

Spring getaways have slowly become a family tradition and probably the most exciting thing to look forward to during the long, cold winter. Needless to say, being able to spend quality time with my mother and sisters is the absolute best feeling in the world; it’s like I can actually get a break from being a grown-up and let go from preoccupations and the stress of being an adult (adulting sucks). The moment I enter into my mothers’ house something switches in my brain and I turn into this 5 year old who expects her mother to cook all her meals and tuck her into bed every night (I actually wouldn’t mind being fed either… just kidding!); am I the only one who enters into child mode when they visit their parents?

Those endless nights chitchatting with my sisters till we fall asleep and laughing till our stomachs hurt are some of the best memories of my life, and I’m committed to continue making them happen no matter where in the world we’re all living (we’ve been all living in 3 different countries for the past 12 years). Late night dinners sipping wine while catching up on all things about people we used to know and are no longer part of our lives, singing out loud at midnight in the middle of Manhattan, shopping like there’s no tomorrow to then steal each-others clothes, arguing about who’s the favourite (that’s obviously me) and feeling like a bunch of kids again makes it all worth it. But as you can imagine, I have to constantly keep an eye on my luggage if I don’t want things to mysteriously disappear.   

To explore the city I chose the Maxi Dress of dreams from Debenhams new collection and the most flattering Kimono also from their new collection which have the hottest trends every woman needs in her wardrobe this SS18. Trendy, chic, and easy to wear pieces that won’t let you go unnoticed.

This trip has just started and there’s so much I already want to share with you, but for now I’ll ket you enjoy a few captures from my first few days in the Big Apple. 

This post is kindly sponsored by Debenhams.


  1. I love floral prints! This yellow floral maxi dress is so perfect for this spring. Totally fits with the NYC city vibe!!! Love the green floral kimono too!!! Gosh I can't take my eyes off from those!

    xx, Jessie

  2. Both floral print outfit are so fresh for spring look and I like the maxi dress more. It's the perfect length to get your covered for early spring chill. I love how you style it with a Gucci belt and a wool hat. It adds the boho element brilliantly with the whole look.



  3. I love both of the floral pieces, I could definitely see myself wearing them, my favorite is the floral dress!

    ~xo Sheree

  4. I love the first outfit! Such boho vibes :) xo, Suzanne

  5. Such a beautiful outfit!
    And it's so perfect for the spring!
    Those floral pieces are wonderful!


  6. In love with these spring time vibes! SO happy to have florals and pastels back in my closet, and am certainly welcoming this warmer weather.


  7. I can't wait for this stupid rain to stop and welcome the spring!! I LOVE both of your looks but the dress is magnificent. You look absolutely stunning ! Perfect dress to wear anywhere for Spring!

    Aurela x

  8. Girl, these outfits are so stylish head to toe, I'm obssesed over floral garments because they have a huge dose of femininity! Love the kimono and the second look with the dress is awesome. Great idea that you added boots and a hat, that way you give an edgy vibe to the entire look.
    Have a great day!



  9. New York is definitely the perfect place to spend the beginning of spring. It isn't too cold or too hot during this time! Spring traveling is a tradition my family also needs to start. I just love the way you've belted that floral dress at the waist!


  10. You’re dress is awesome l. Like this print and fabbrica suit perfect how you matched in boho romantic style. Hope you enjoyed your stay at Big Apple.

  11. Hey Darling
    Hows you?
    Love that first Dress soo much:)
    So Beautiful Spring Looks:)
    Amazing photos:)
    Love, Kisses Karina
    Happy Week

  12. I am in love with that maxi dress. It’s so gorgeous on you that whole outfit is perfect. And that sounds so fun. My sister lives in another state. I wish we lived closer. I imagine another country is even harder! Love the kimono look too. Just stunning

  13. I love Spring getaways! There's no place more magical then NYC! I can't wait to be back in July! I love all of your looks, especially the floral maxi. Thank you for sharing!



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