For the past weeks I’ve been trying different products from the Spring 2014 Opalescence Collection by Clarins and now I’m finally ready to give you my impressions. When talking about beauty product I take it quite seriously as it is very important for me to have actually try them and give real inputs to my readers. I feel very identified with this collection and its colors because they are so soft and romantic, and encompasses warm, fresh tones for the face, lips and eyes.

-   Instant Light Radiance Boosting Complexion Base: Normally I’m very critical with these type of product because they can either improve or totally ruin your appearance. What I like the most about this particular one is that it helps to correct by "adding a veil of light across the skin" for a naturally flawless complexion, and it seems to disappear into the skin seamlessly providing translucent coverage. I think is a great idea to wear it during the day, for a natural fresh appearance as it brightens and smooths out the texture of skin while remaining light and moisturizing.; and you can also use it under your foundation to achieve an even, luminous glow. 

-   Ombre Minérale Eye Quartet Palette: I totally love the mix of colors in this palette; it is ideal for spring and can be used dry for soft looks or wet for bold looks (the pics below are dry). At first I wasn’t very sure about wearing those color during the day, but when I finished the makeup it was so beautiful and inconspicuous at the same time, that I was delighted with the result.  The eye shadows are smooth and have good pigmentation; and the mix of colors is perfect to create a smoky eye effect.  Another good thing about this palette is that it comes with an “Eye Shadows for Dummies” card demonstrating different variations of how and where to apply each color to create different looks and combinations, which was very useful for me and I’m sure it will also be for  beginners or those who have a difficult time mixing colors.

-   Multi-Blush: As you know I a huge fan of cream blush, and when I got this one I totally fell in love with it. The color is creamy and smooth, and it gives off a radiant peach glow, fitting for a spring day. It looks very natural for a lovely flush of color. Another great thing about this blush, it can also be used on the lips for a natural look with a lightly powdered matte finish.

-  Perfect Shine Lipstick: When I first tried this lipstick I was really amazed. This Tropical Pink, it is a beautiful mix of pink and orange shades that looks great paired with the cream blush. It’s translucent and the texture is smooth and glossy but non-sticky, which is great and not very common in other makeup brands.  Since the first day it has become an inseparable partner.

Something I cannot stop saying is that all the products smell delightful and give you that fresh feeling we all look for and you’ll definitely love it.

I have so other products that I still need to try, but I’ll save it for another post. Have a great weekend you all!



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