Last Saturday we had another great shopping experience at Las Rozas Village in our usual "VIP Shopping Tour" in this case for a group of chinese residents in Madrid. Although it was raining and weather conditions did not favor any outdoor activities, the group was so excited that we didn't actually care about the rain, WE WENT SHOPPING!

The fact that it was a rainy day ended up being a good thing as we has more space for us (try getting 18 people at the same time into a single store and you'll understand what I'm talking about) and we got more attention from the salespeople and therefore more shopping.

From this particular occasion I have to say that one of the things I liked the most was how the brands are also introducing "New Collection" items to their stores, which makes the outlet shopping even more attractive.

Once again I'd like to thanks Las Rozas Village for all their kind attentions to me and my customers, it is always a pleasure to visit the Village.



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