How many times you’ve heard “The inner beauty is what really counts”? I bet you can’t even count the times. And yes, inner beauty is important, because that’s what define you as a person, but in the world we’re living, you there’s another beauty you need to take care about too; your personal image, the way you show yourself to the world. No matter how good you’re on the inside, if the wrapper is not pleasing to the eyes of the, then you have things a little bit more complicated than the rest. But don’t take me wrong, I’m not talking about beauty standards, weight, height makeup or expensive fashionable items; I’m talking about basic things that will help you show a neat image. Let’s start from head to toe:

  • Hair: Your hair is the frame of your face, and no matter how pretty the picture is, if the frame is ugly and unkempt, the picture will look the same way. A greasy, colorless and split ends hair gives an awful image of you and your personal hygiene. You don’t need to spend a fortune in hair products and hairdressers to have a healthy and beautiful hair. Take the best out of your hair by following these healthy tips: 1) Use the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type (fine, greasy, dry or colored). 2) Massage your scalp every day to stimulate circulation and remove dead skin cells. 3 )Wash it as much as you need but not more than it needs to be washed. 4) Avoid unnecessary brushing, combing or handling. 5) Have regular trims (like every 2 months). 6) Use a deep conditioner once a week. 7) Reduce the impact of heat styling with a good protector. 8) Seal the cuticle of your strands and boost shine with a blast of cool water after finishing your cleansing regime.
  • Facial Skin: I’ve been told that I have very soft facial skin (I’m not bragging) and people constantly ask me how I do it, so I’m going to share my (open) secret with you. It’s all about keeping the skin clean and free dirtiness. Every morning I wash my face with a neutral soap, apply eye cream, sunblock and  finally a firming day cream; I repeat the same at night but replacing the sunblock for a whitening cream and the day cream for a night cream. Now here’s the trick, every other day I use a gentle scrub (maybe not that gentle) on my face before I go to sleep, every week I put on an invigorating mask and once a year I get a facial peeling done. It works for me, so who know, maybe it could work for you as well.
  • Eyebrows: Don’t play the beauty expert with your eyebrows, it is preferable to have virgin-hairy eyebrows than a pair of thin and uncoordinated lines which will make you look tacky. You need to know your arch limits and don’t try to create something you don’t have; my recommendation is to go to an expert to get them shaped and afterwards you can remove protruding hair when it starts growing. If you’re doing it yourself the first thing you need to get rid of is the unibrow (in case you have one), but don’t go too far, remember that your eyebrows should begin from the inner corner of your eye and that is the limit (not from your pupils!!); brush and trim them if they need it. Find a color as similar as possible to your eyebrows and pencil them to make them look thicker and voila! You’re ready to go! Just do yourself a favor, don’t you ever, ever, get your eyebrows tattooed, there nothing naffer than this.
  • Teeth: The secret to a beautiful smile is in the teeth, so take a little extra time to give your teeth the care they deserve. Brushing removes bacteria from our teeth so they can no longer make acid and damage our teeth, do it 2-3 times a day and remember to floss on a daily basis. Drink less coffee (it is one of the most dangerous things for your smile) and eat less sugar. Finally, try some whitening products from the pharmacy every now and then (if you can’t afford a whitening treatment) to keep your smile shinning bright like a diamond.
  • Nails: Whether is your hands or your toes, this is something you should never forget about of. Always keep them clean and smooth. If you don’t have time every week for your mani and pedi session, at least apply a shiny topcoat to make sure you give a clean and neat image. Don’t forget to use scrub and lotion every day (day and night) to keep them smooth as silk.
Having a well-kept image isn’t something that you do just to feel good about yourself, but something that will open doors both personally and professionally. Just think about it, 2 people with the same level of preparation go to an interview, and from a knowledge and experience perspective they are tied, but one of them showed up perfectly dressed up for the occasion and the other one with a stubble, dirty hair and wearing the first thing he found on the closet… Who do you think has more chances of getting the job?

We only have one chance for that first impression; make sure you’re not just being noticed, but remembered.

Massiel Féliz Rivas
Personal Shopper and Fashion Blogger

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