For years I’ve been the type of woman who would always put other people’s needs first even at expense of my own happiness and wellbeing. It’s taken me years and a very long journey (and still a work in progress) to understand that the person I need to love the most is myself.

Last year I spent a lot of time soul searching and reflecting on how my decision of putting everyone else first had affected my life and what I could do change that without stop being the kind human being I like to believe I am. It was taking a toll on my physical and mental health with creeping up anxiety and constant illnesses when I realised I couldn’t do this on my own so I came to the decision to take direction from a councillor, which turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life - During one of our sessions my therapist told me I was a “giver” and I remember thinking “right, but aren’t all women like that anyway?”, well, not really. Even though women are seen as more “stereotypically" selfless than men, some women do know how to find a balance between loving others and loving themselves, and we all should.

I’m not going to sugar coat it, it hasn’t been precisely easy, and with such a hectic pace of life in which we all seem to be busy being busy, taking time for yourself can be quite challenging and requires a lot discipline. Learning how to say NO was harder than I thought it would be, but it’s one of the most empowering and liberating feelings I’ve ever experienced. Ever since I’ve been on a (sometimes bumpy) road to learn to love myself and also show it to me more often. It required a lot of determination, but I’m now a much more happier person than I was before and I can still give a lot to others but without neglecting myself.

Taking time for myself and enjoy of the little (and sometimes not so little) things that give me pleasure and make me happy has changed my attitude and approach to life. From retaking old hobbies like getting ballet classes, which I can’t even explain how much joy I get out that 1 hour a week, to having a relaxing evening at home pampering myself with some of my favourite beauty products, a glass of wine and my favourite chocolate while binging on Netflix.).   

I’ve partnered with Galaxy Chocolate for their campaign #ChoosePleasure to spread the word about the importance of self-love and the positive impact it has on our health (both physical and mental) and overall well being.

Work, relationships, family and friends can be time consuming and leave you physically and emotionally exhausted, but if we don’t make time to for ourselves, it won’t be long before we realise the tank is empty and there’s nothing left to give.

How about you? How often do you take time for yourself and what do you do with it?


  1. It's the first time that I read about Galaxy, but it sounds really good. I support their wonderful campaign. Taking care of ourselves emotionally and physically is so important. I like to go to a spa whenever I need "me time", but wine does the trick also lol

  2. I never heard about Galaxy but sounds Amazing:)
    It was really nice to read this Experience, I also tried some similar ones:)
    It was Amazing:)
    Happy Week

  3. Never hear about Galaxy but your post was very helpful to know more.


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