As spring approaches we begin to wear fewer layers and start adding lighter colors to our outfits. Last weekend the weather  was perfect for a walk around Madrid; it’s amazing how 20°C and a sunny sky can affect your mood so positively...

My choice for that day was very simple, but chic at the same time. Maxi Dresses are allies during this season, not only because they’re stylish and elegant, but because they’re really comfy and fresh and you can wear them pretty much for everything depending how you accessorize it. If you don’t have one I think is the perfect time to get yourself one; a black Maxi Dress is a must have for every girl. In my case I have many, in different colors and shapes, but if you it’s your first time, I suggest to start with solid colors as black and white (that way you can wear it as much as you like), and if you feel comfortable with the look then you can start adding more colors and patterns.

As the weather is not very stable these days and it can get very chilly sometimes, I threw on a pink leather jacket and black flats to easily walk around the city; wedges were my second option, but not a very good idea to walk during hours. I thought wearing a pink bag was a better idea than a black one because it would make a good contrast with both the dress and jacket; and basically because I love pink. Maxi sunglasses for that final touch of glam.

We’re half way there for the weekend, yihaaaa!



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