There are very few colors that look good in almost every skin tone and blue is one of them. I must say I’m a huge fan of this color in every shade of it. This post is inspired on the “Blue Klein”, which (for those who don’t know) was created by Yves Klein, the most influential, prominent, and controversial french artist to emerge in the 1950s. He is remembered above all for his use of a single color, the rich shade of ultramarine that he made his own: International Klein Blue.

The center piece of this outfit are the amazing sunnies from the “Klein Collection” of Etnia Barcelona, the color is so pure and bright and the frame is so incredibly light that you can barely note you have sunglasses on. I love the mirror effect in the lenses and how it contributes to the whole “retro-chic” style I've chosen for this outfit. Incredible as it may seem, after decades of using the color International “Klein Blue” in fashion, for the first time the Yves Klein Archives, has authorized a brand (Etnia Barcelona) to use the exact color Yves Klein patented.

The rest of the outfit is carefully chosen to match and create harmony with the Klein Blue sunnies. Black and white details seem to be perfect for this occasion. Gone are the days when wearing leather trousers was reserved only for bikers or casual outfits; lately they have become one of my favorite style pieces. The white and blue striped shirt and the white blazer are basics for every girl wardrobe, especially during Spring and Summer. The blue stilettos were waiting on my closet for the perfect outfit and when I got these fantastic sunnies I knew they were meant for each other. A small clutch in black and gold gave this outfit the final touch.

Wish you all a fantastic week!





Sunnies: Etnia Barcelona
Shoes: Zara
Shirt: Zara
Blazer: Mango
Trousers: Bershka

Clutch: Louis Vuitton

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