The frenetic lifestyle we face nowadays, causes a great impact on our image and the way we dress. Living against the clock forces us to dress in a comfortable and relaxed way which allows us to face all the challenges throughout the day without having to sacrifice elegance and being well dressed. Looks like mission impossible, but it is not. Casual Chic style offers this versatility, and can be defined as a style of informal apparel that allows freedom of movement but with that glamorous hint we all love, a mix of classic or on-trend shapes and styles. The clothing is functional as well as stylish. It is original and a little unexpected.

For sure we all want to look like we just rolled out of bed beautiful. The unfortunate truth is that a little forethought is necessary, especially when it comes to fashion. But once you've collected a closet of classic staples, a few unique statement pieces and mastered the confidence to be comfortable in any outfit, you know you can leave the house everyday looking chic, effortlessly.

But when to wear a Casual Chic Outfit? Casual chic clothing is appropriate in most informal, professional and even semi-formal occasions. In the office, casual chic may refer to pants, knee-length skirts, blouses, unstructured dresses and jackets. For semi-formal occasions, a simple shift on accessories might be enough. This style is so versatile that you can wear the same clothes on a Friday to go to the office, go shopping, or why not, to go out for a cocktails night with girlfriends.

As for how to achieve that Casual Chic Look, the trick is in the elegance. Having a little fun with casual elegance is to be chic, is to inject a bit of personality into 'expected' or cliché styles. Casual elegance is dressing in a relaxed way. A good mix of informal and formal clothes and knowing how to play with different styles of clothing. Here are my secrets to get this style:

  • Mix and match: Avoid wearing any one style head-to-toe outfit. The key is to mix and match different fabrics and styles. Throw on a tailored jacket with a pair of jeans and heels. Or wear a ruffled blouse with your favorite khakis and flats.
  • Don’t skimp on classics: Every wardrobe should include some basic pieces like jeans, a little black dress or a tailored jacket. My recommendation is that you don't skimp on getting quality pieces of these items as they are the building blocks of your wardrobe. Besides, trendy items can be purchased for less than your wardrobe staples (and in a couple of months you might hate them already)that will never go out of style.
  • Don’t forget about comfort: Casual chic isn't just a fashion style, it's a lifestyle. The point behind this style is to be comfortable, to show you don't have be 'done up' and 'designered-out' to look stylish. So make sure that in the effort to look effortless you don't forget to be comfortable.
  • Show off a little personality: Every season has its fashion 'it list' – whether it's skinny jeans, menswear or animal prints. Make sure you don't neglect your personal style in trying to follow the latest trends. Find what looks great on you and wear it regardless if it's out or in.
  • Accessorize simply: The key to look like you didn't try to hard is to not try too hard. Coco Chanel, arguably the fashion icon who gave birth to causal chic, once said to remove one piece of jewelry right before you leave the house.  So stick to a statement necklace, dangling earrings or a cocktail ring, just don't walk out the house wearing your whole jewelry collection. Or perhaps go with the smartest accessory of all time, sunglasses. You can’t fail this way.
Do you dare to be Casual Chic?

Massiel Féliz Rivas
Personal Shopper and Fashion Blogger

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